Sunday, November 25, 2007

H & M Workers Win RWDSU UFCW Representation Thanks to Innovative Pact

H & M Workers Win RWDSU UFCW Representation Thanks to Innovative Pact (11/20/07)

More than 1,000 employees of the H & M clothing store chain have won the right to be represented by the RWDSU as a result of an innovative agreement between H&M, a Sweden-based company and the union the RWDSU is affiliated with; the United Food and Commercial Workers. The pact with H & M is one of a series of agreements the company has reached with affiliates of Union Network International, a world-wide coalition of labor unions that has pressed the Swedish retailer to accept unionization.

Under the terms of an agreement negotiated earlier this year, H & M agreed to a process called “card check recognition” which required the company to respect the decision of employees to have representation once a majority signed cards affirming their support for the union. The company also pledged not to interfere with the workers’ efforts to organize.

“By respecting the right of employees to join our union, H & M is setting an example other retailers should follow,” said RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum, adding that he expects the National Labor Relations to certify the union as the workers’ collective bargaining agent.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Got Sleep Deprivation? Get Bakunin Bio

Review: Bakunin: The Creative Passion
by Anarcho

A review of Mark Leier's excellent new biography of Bakunin.

Bakunin: The Creative Passion
Mark Leier
Thomas Dunne Books

At last! A biography of Bakunin by someone who knows what they are writing about. I have long despaired at the utter ignorance and lack of common-sense when academics and others have approached anarchism, particularly Bakunin. Whether the product of ignorance or maliciousness, they seem intend on misrepresenting Bakunin’s ideas and life. Leier refutes such accounts and sets the record straight. He does this with flair and knowledge, making his book highly recommended.

Informal, yet informed, Leier presents an excellent introduction to the life and ideas of Bakunin. Even the biggest Bakunin fan (and I admit to being one!) will find something new or of interest in Leier’s work. His account of Bakunin’s life and ideas is rich in detail and in understanding of both anarchism and the social and political times and circles Bakunin lived in. Leier presents a picture of Bakunin’s early years based on the latest research and which shows his intellectual development within Russian radical circles, showing his important role in these as well as his early commitment to women’s equality. He outlines Bakunin’s activities in the 1848 revolution, plus his period of imprisonment by numerous monarchies across Europe because the Tsar got his hands on him and placed him in solitary confinement. Bakunin’s escape from exile and subsequent return to revolutionary politics takes the reader to the First International and the conflict with Marx.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

UAW Sucks Ass

Please note that P-CRAC is not interested in discussing the farce that has gone on between the UAW and GM. Gettlefinger's such a giant pussy he should drive a GM Dildomobile.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Imbeciles down Under

Govt considers inquiry into TWU claims
The West Australian

The federal government will consider holding an inquiry into claims the powerful Transport Workers Union (TWU) diverted cash into a slush fund to assist the Labor election campaign.

Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey said Tuesday's cabinet meeting in Sydney would decide whether there should be a full investigation of these allegations.

Labor has undertaken to back any such inquiry.

"We are considering an inquiry that would have a look at the very serious allegations that have been raised involving the Transport Workers Union," Mr Hockey told ABC radio.

"The most concerning allegation is that the TWU traded off higher salaries for workers in exchange for the funds going into a secret account that is funding the ALP's campaign at the next federal election."

That follows a report on this week's Nine Network Sunday program which has forced the TWU to conduct an independent audit of its Industrial Rights Training and Education Fund.

Mr Hockey said there appeared to be a substantial amount of evidence, including testimony from individuals involved in the TWU as well as what appeared to be a large number of emails and written documents.

He said that information proved that the account existed and was being used for inappropriate purposes.

Mr Hockey said it was a good thing that Labor had promised to support any government inquiry.