Monday, September 03, 2007

Anarchists Smash Corporate America

Bellevue, Wash.: Anarchists Sabotage 50 Bathrooms In Mall

On Monday, August 27th, members of Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS) sabotaged over 50 bathrooms in and around the Bellevue Mall. This was done while Bush was in town and people were outside protesting him. This was done under the eyes of the Secret Service, the police and mall security.

The mall is a revolting symbol of capitalist ignorance and stupidity. ASS chose a day when one of the leaders of world capitalism was in town, to flood Starbucks bathrooms (with love directed towards the IWW), glue stall doors shut, remove sensitive items from toilets and leave our mark on wall after wall.

Our intention was not to inconvenience janitors. We acknowledge that janitors had to clean up after us and we are sorry. But that is their job and they receive money for their services. If you are a janitor and would like to lodge a complaint, get a marker and write to ASS on the wall of the affected bathroom.

The mainstream media did not report this action nor will they. We hope that they will prove us wrong. It takes 15 seconds to get a toilet on the road to overflow. Open the flush box. Cut the hose. Close the flush box. Walk away. Within ten minutes the bathroom will begin to flood. Spread this information widely. You are the only ones who can.

Flood the bathrooms of every corporate store!

- Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS)