Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Aaaah... the sheer idiocy amazes!

Editorial (Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed)
by Lawrence Jarach

There is an overflow of ambiguous (at best) terminology in much contemporary anarchist discourse. From a refusal to define terms (of both approval and abuse), to an insistence on ahistorical usage, a swarm of writers in various periodicals have taken to foisting their own meanings onto their pet words. Slogans replace intelligent discussion, buzzwords enforce conformity. Privilege, empowerment, technology, work, movement, spirituality, coalition building, democracy, civilization, intellectual, direct action, people of color, dual power, middle class, leftist, progress, communism, anti-imperialism, over-educated, unity, science, and yes—often and especially—anarchy…


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Anonymous said...

That's right... the most important topic AJODA decides to lead with is an editorial about semantics!