Thursday, January 12, 2006

ARA Does Something

Justice Sunday III Reportback & Pictures from Philly ARA

Women's Rights Are Under Attack! What are you gonna do? Act Up, Fight Back!

This chant could be heard echoing throughout North Philly Sunday night, as the people of Philadelphia held a demonstration against Justice Sunday III and the nomination of anti-choice Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Joined by members of Philadelphia ACT-UP, Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action, the Metropolitan Community Church, and the World Can't Wait, 200 to 300 people rallied outside the Greater Exodus Baptist Church to confront the Family Research Council's rally of religious extremists - including Rick Santorum and Jerry Falwell - who are fighting for a judiciary that is as reactionary and conservative as they are. The Greater Exodus Baptist Church and its programs have received approximately one million dollars from the Bush administration and spoke openly in support of him in the last election and more recently when Bush has faced criticism.


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