Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brazilian Anarchists Foolishly Try to Engage the English Speaking Anarchist World

Brazil: Coletivo Comunista Anarquista

Who We Are, What We Want, The Path We Follow

The Coletivo Comunista Anarquista (CCA - Anarchist Communist Collective) is an organizationalist-especifist and federalist anarchist political grouping with a horizontal structure that seeks to act as an active minority inside the social movements - without transforming them into "puppet fronts" under the pretext of efficiency, but always seeking to instill into them a combative and revolutionary character. We are faithful to the principles of direct democracy, self-management, federalism, mutual aid, direct action, revolutionary solidarity, class struggle and self-defence. Our objective is an anarchist communist society, in other words social and economic self-management and political federalism; anarchism therefore has the duty to interfere in the current reality, so as to alter people's material lives and not only to limit itself to the level of ideas. In order to bring about change within the society in which we live, it is necessary for us to work as an integral part of the various popular struggles, in the neighborhoods, in the factories, in the fields, in the universities, and so on. Because for us "anarchism does not originate in abstract reflections of an intellectual or a philosopher, but in the workers' direct struggle against capitalism, in the needs of the workers, in their aspirations of freedom and equality, aspirations that become particularly alive in the best heroic period of the life and struggles of the working masses" (the Platform).


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