Saturday, January 21, 2006

Greek Anarchists have a beautiful madness

Statement of Federation of Anarchists of Greece (OAE) on the armed robbery in the centre of Athens

On Monday 16/01/2006, and the events following.

We denounce the constant tactic of the state of penalisation of the anarchist ideas on the occasion of the bloody robbery in the centre of Athens. In other similar cases, anyone who is violating the law by a robbery he/she is not declared by his/her political identity, but in this particular case this has been declared with more... We are enemies of the capitalism and the class exploitation at the expence of the popular masses from the exploitative banking system, but we condemn such practices by individuals and/or groups as counter-revolutionary, because they arm the power and the state with arguments and facilitate the more general repression against social movements and ideas.

Historically, anarchism is considering and using the capitalists’ expropriation as a mean within the general frame of the wide social movements and in pre-revolutionary periods.


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