Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Indian IT Workers Go For The Post-Industrial Golden Apple

Citu sticks to IT sector demand
Many workers are paid as low as Rs 4,500 p.m.
Business Standard

Employees working in 'information technology' and other emerging sectors should be given free hand to decide upon formation of trade unions which is their fundamental right, Chittabrata Majumdar, Citu general secretary said here today.

"Employees, in many states are not given the right to form union, which is a gross violation of fundamental right as given by 'International Labour Organization(ILO)," said Majumdar at a workshop on 'Employer-employee Relationship' organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

He said even government workers, other than those representing the government with order issuing authority can even form trade unions.

In North India, several state governments were not giving registration to trade unions, he complained.

Citing the recent case of Honda in Gurgaon, Majumdar said, "The case with Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd in Gurgaon is a burning example which shows how much the management cares for the workers." In addition to IT companies in South India, there were no trade unions even in automobile companies, he noted.

There were several cases where workers were made to sign bonds for not engaging in union activities, he noted.

"In name of competition, management of several companies are exploiting labourers. They are made to work more than stipulated eight hours duty in name of competition but no benefit is shared with employees," he alleged.


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