Sunday, January 22, 2006

More on the Greeks

Robbery suspects charged
Police interrogate, release 25-year-old initially identified as a robber

Police continued to round up suspects connected to Monday’s attempted robbery of a National Bank of Greece branch, which left a bank guard and one of the thieves seriously injured.

An Athens lower court prosecutor yesterday brought charges of robbery, attempted murder and possession, and use of firearms against the injured robber, 28-year-old technical college student Yiannis Dimitrakis and 30-year-old Simeon Seisidis, who remains at large and whose photo has been distributed to the media by police.

Like Dimitrakis, Seisidis is said to be close to anarchist groups and has had run-ins with the police. He has been charged with car arson in 1994 and 1995, and in November 1995 was part of a massive round-up of 500 people, many of them underage, who had occupied the National Technical University of Athens for a night. He was arrested for allegedly participating in a June 2000 armed bank robbery and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, but was released pending an appeal.


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