Saturday, January 14, 2006

Neo-liberalism and the Worker’s Movement

Neo-liberalism and the Worker’s Movement
by Stafford Joseph, General Secretary AT&LU
The Antigua Sun

Globally and in particular in our region, neo-liberalism represents the major challenges for the working class and its organizations. How we respond to it will in reality determine the future of the Caribbean and Latin American nations, especially the workers, who are the most affected victims.

It is of interest to note that, particularly in our region, there may be diverging feelings and ideas with regards to neo-liberalism. However, and unfortunately, the fatal syndrome of inferiority complex is quite evident.

Our people have begun to copy whatever comes from outside, not recognizing that “the new is the worst of the old”. Indeed, as far as neo-liberal policies are concerned, some of our people are more fundamentalists than President Reagan or Prime Minister Thatcher ever was.


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