Thursday, January 26, 2006

P-CRAC apologizes for this, but we couldn't resist

Move toward more nonflushing urinals irks plumbers union
By Michael Gardner

SACRAMENTO – A powerful plumbers union wants to toss a wrench into plans to install more nonflushing urinals across the state.

The battle over the fixtures shifts today to San Diego, where the county water authority plans to take up whether to sponsor legislation strongly opposed by the California Pipe Trades Council.

The Pipe Trades Council, which contributed nearly $500,000 in campaign contributions last year, has sent pre-emptive letters urging lawmakers to stay on the sideline. "We respectfully request that you proceed with extreme caution," wrote Scott Wetch, lobbyist for the Pipe Trades Council.

At issue are proposals that would clarify that waterless urinals are permitted under the Uniform Plumbing Code. The fixtures have been installed in widely used venues, such as the San Diego Zoo and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Wetch said his letter should not be misconstrued as a threat. "It's just saying things that sound this good typically aren't that good," he insisted.


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