Monday, January 23, 2006

P-CRAC loves our Unions but this is fn retarded

Unions use the homeless to picket for labor issues
News Tribune

WASHINGTON – You’ve heard the panhandler’s common refrain, “Will work for food.”

How about “Will picket for food”?

In Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta and elsewhere in the country, union organizers are scouring shelters and recruiting homeless people to work their picket lines, paying just above minimum wage and failing to provide health benefits.

The national carpenters union, which broke from the AFL-CIO four years ago in a bitter dispute over organizing strategies and other issues, is hiring homeless people to stage noisy protests at nonunion construction sites.

“We’re giving jobs to people who didn’t have jobs, people who in some cases couldn’t secure work,” said George Eisner, head of the union’s mid-Atlantic regional council in Baltimore.

The carpenters who belong to his union, Eisner said, already are gainfully employed. With homes and offices being built or renovated and real estate still booming in many urban areas, he said, the union carpenters are too busy to join the picket lines.

“Work is good, and our members are working,” Eisner said. “This is just the best thing for us to do at this point.”

But the new strategy of placing homeless in picket lines disturbs some labor experts.



Anonymous said...

face it, in two years you guys are going to be apologizing for this stuff too.

P-CRAC said...

P-CRAC firmly believes the comment above was left by a highly placed union bureaucrat we all know very well.

To him we say nay sir. We shall not fall prey to your idiocy.

Anonymous said...

News Flash! IWW adopts similar tactic with variation. The IWW tends to be a youth oriented parasite upon the working class. As such it has recruited from a segement the lumpen proletariat who have rejected employment for "ideological" reasons. As such, the IWW is able to utilize homeless, unemployed crust punks as picketers in exchange for the train-hopping hobo culture of the wobblies and legal defense funds from the general defense committee all for a reduced membership fee of $3/month. Wobbly bums are allowed to keep all the change they can spare, and have whatever they recycle from a dumpster.

Anonymous said...

It's mostly convience that leads the carpenters to do this. There are always out of work carpenters who could come picket, but, its a matter of getting them on the phone and making them come down and picket. We have talked in my local about making it manditory that all members picket 20 hours a year, or a certain amount will be deducted from their vacation check...

P-CRAC said...

The UFCW does this shit too. Especially with the Walmart pickets. Its a horrible thing to do. Unions that do this are ultimately undermining themselves.