Monday, January 09, 2006

Profiles of Legendary Anarchists #1

Profiles of Legendary Anarchists #1
Profiles of Legendary Anarchists is a recurring feature of P-CRAC's News and Information Blog

Chuck Munson
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Chuck Munson (born 1965) is an American anarchist in Kansas City, Missouri who currently runs the Alternative Media Project, (an anarchist website), and a weblog, "another blog is possible". .

He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting/Sculpture) from University of Kansas in 1988 and his Master of Arts in Library Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990. [1]

Munson was interviewed for the New York Times during the Republican Party political convention in New York City, published August 29, 2004. Comparing anarchism to other radicial movements, Munson said, "... we are a lot more anti-government, anti-state. We say that because we think people should have control of their lives at the individual and community level, a sort of radical participatory democracy." Asked about violence he replied, "I subscribe to a diversity of tactics, so I don't disavow violence. But I like to see nonviolence as much as possible."


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