Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The NYC Year in Anarchy!

(From Issue #5 of The NYC RAT-- NYC's ONLY Anarchist Paper!)

With January 2006 almost a memory, we here at the NYC Rat think it is important to remember the year that was. 2005 was a year that was rich in a diverse array of projects, resistance, victories, and heartache. Anarchy is alive in New York City, and remembering what went well --and frankly, what didn't-- is a step towards creating new, more successful, projects and a means of improving those projects that already exist. We dedicate this year-in-review to the anarchists who, in spite of the odds, carried anarchy from the secret chambers of their hearts, into the streets of New York City and beyond. We hope this will serve as an inspiration for others to join in creating a new world in 2006. See you in the streets!


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