Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Revolutionary Fortune Cookies


1. The future looks like the margin
2. Use weather as an ally
3. To live outside the law you must be honest
4. Never defend a fixed position
5. The principle object of study is the opposition
6. Professionals are predictable to the extent the are disciplined
7. Expect to carry out difficult duties with no recognition and no reward
8. Creativity plus marksmanship equal victory
9. Politics in command
10. Man is as wolf to man-the reality of our situation
11. Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics
12. The goal-cause ruptures at the core of society and considerably weaken the state
13. The majority is always wrong
14. Criticism plus self-criticism equals transformation
15. The state is a mechanism to reconcile the factions of ongoing class war
16. Crime doesn’t play
17. Left vs. right is a false contradiction, the actual demarcation is revolutionary vs. counter-revolutionary
18. Every tool is a weapon if it is utilized correctly
19. If we do not end the state the state will end us
20. The concept- political soldier
21. Resist leadership and practice leaderless resistance
22. Observe the coyote- devious, without manners or ego, s/he has survived all the technology arrayed in a campaign of extermination
23. Use liberals as human shields and conservatives as ballistic cover
24. Mistakes will be made, learn from them and move on
25. The dilemma can only be solved in the streets, fully armed
26. Revolutionary discipline depends on political consciousness
27. Exploit the enemy’s contradictions
28. Dogma and karma are not mutually exclusive
29. There are no thesis

By Rachel Couri Memorial Committee


Anonymous said...

This shit is insane.

Anonymous said...

this guy is a revolutionary icon