Thursday, January 05, 2006

Self-Styled Greek Style

Greek 'anarchists' bomb Athens
03/01/2006 17:24 - (SA)

Athens - Three bomb blasts claimed by a Greek anarchist group went off early on Monday in Athens, damaging several cars and an office of the ruling political party, the Athens News Agency said.

The bombs, homemade devices made from gas canisters, went off overnight in three separate parts of the city, and caused no injuries.

Seven cars, including a Finnish embassy vehicle, were burnt, and the entrance to a district office of the conservative New Democracy party was slightly damaged.

An unidentified man later called a private television station to claim the actions on behalf of Anti-State Justice, a self-styled anarchist group which had as yet not claimed responsibility for an attack.

The man said the action was carried out in solidarity with anarchists currently on trial for arson.

Small extremist groups in Athens routinely employ homemade petrol and gas canister bombs to attack buildings and vehicles associated with banks, corporations and foreign interests.

The attacks are designed to cause material damage and rarely cause injury as they usually occur in the early hours of the morning.

Finland's ambassador to Greece, Ole Norrback, said he believed the blast which hit the diplomat's car was not targeting Finland or its representatives, "but was rather a coincidence".

It is likely that an anarchist group was responsible for the explosion "as similar incidents have taken place before in Greece", he said.

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