Saturday, January 07, 2006

P-CRAC's Worker & Parasite # 1 - This Is P-CRAC!

Worker & Parasite # 1
This Is P-CRAC!

Worker & Parasite is the weekly Editorial of P-CRAC's News and Information Blog.

Greetings Comrade-Enemies,

P-CRAC, as you know, is a Collective of Pie-Card Anarchists and this is our first edition of Worker & Parasite, our weekly blog Editorial. To that end we will use this first installment as an explanation of what we are and what we stand for. More to the point, however, an articulation of what we most earnestly yearn for...

We yearn to be free from the constraints of ideology and purity. We yearn to be free of our Unions failing to win against bosses. We yearn to be free of Anarchism as a fringe movement of freaks, idiots, and armchair warriors. We so declare ourselves free!

We reject your fringe existence as useless in building a real movement of working people in this world. We reject your absurd visions of labor that vacillate between a total rejection of workers' struggles and a sick fetishization of workers themselves. We reject your rigid ideologies, with their self-destructive limitations and arbitrary rules, as we whole-heartedly embrace the glorious ideas that are held within them. We reject your so-called Anarchist purity and declare ourselves filthy with the possibilities of success!

We work towards building a labor movement that is inclusive of all workers. One that beats bosses and operates in the real world we live in. One that can effectively challenge authority and power, gaining concessions and fighting on past them. We embrace mainstream Unionism as a movement of the working class and counterpose it to Syndicalist and Anarcho-Syndicalist organizations that, by their very existence, push the average person away from our movement.

Without a mass movement of working people, Anarchism is nothing but a quaint word from history. We build movements.

This is Class War!

This is P-CRAC!


Bree said...

This gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

dear uncle said...

who the fuck is the WE you speak of

Anonymous said...

i like this. congrats

Anonymous said...


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