Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WSF: Colonialism's Stepchild

Bamako: African and European trade unionists demonstrate at the opening the World Social Forum

The demonstration marking the start of the first World Social Forum in Africa brought some 20,000 to the streets of Bamako, calling for the abolition of poverty in Africa to become the number one priority for national leaders and the international institutions.

The trade union delegation consisted of members of the Malian confederations, UNTM and CSTM, and of the ICFTU and WCL African regional organisations. The Global Union Federations, particularly from the transport (ITF), education (EI) and public service (PSI) sectors, were also present.

The Malian unions, who were out in force, expressed their joy at seeing their demands supported by such a strong international presence. “This demonstration is supporting our aspiration to live in dignity and with economic and social justice. It is also showing us some of the benefits to be gained from alliances with civil society”, declared Hammadou Amion Guindo, General Secretary of the CSTM (ConfĂ©dĂ©ration Syndicale des Travailleurs du Mali), which has 30,000 members.


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