Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bet none of these folks go on a hunger strike for vegan food

Denmark warns its nationals in Indonesia as cartoon protests rage
The Jakarta Post

Denmark urged its citizens on Tuesday to leave Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, as Islamic outrage over a cartoon controversy continued to rage across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

A day after Iran said it was severing trade ties with Denmark -- where political cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad first appeared -- Copenhagen's ambassador to Indonesia urged his countrymen to leave Indonesia to avoid possible threats.

"The Foreign Ministry is advising Danes not to travel to Indonesia and Danes already in Indonesia to leave the country," Ambassador Niels Erik Andersen told Reuters.

"The security situation is at a level where the Foreign Ministry advises against being here."

Andersen said Danish flags and pictures of the Danish prime minister had been burned in three Indonesian cities, adding:

"Some of the information I have provided to the Foreign Ministry is about threats we have received in the embassy, the threats that have been published against Danes and the activities going on in terms of demonstrations in front of our consulate."


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