Monday, February 13, 2006


Who is Joseph Smith (aka Joe Carr)?
ISM “activist” with no job but dual identities tours America
By Lee Kaplan

“I am an anarchist; I seek to tear down hierarchies in my personal interactions, organizing structures, & society at large. I am a revolutionary; this US-dominated global capitalist system is inherently flawed & I aim to help accelerate its inevitable collapse & create a truly sustainable & egalitarian society. I work for peace in my personal interactions and I oppose all wars waged by governments to ensure their dominance, but I am NOT a acifist; I find nonviolent tactics powerful and effective, but violence & property destruction have always been an essential part of revolutionary movements & support everyone’s right to self defense.”

The quote above is from a self-description posted on his website by ISM member Joseph Smith.

Who is Joseph Smith? He first came to light in March of 2003 when Olympia , Washington student and anarchist Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed by an Israeli bulldozer that Corrie chose to interfere with by being a human shield while it was clearing suspected weapons smuggling tunnels in Gaza . Smith, who is another anarchist and ISM member who knew Corrie at Evergreen College , professed to being an eyewitness to Corrie’s death. However, his eyewitness accounts on more than one occasion did not match up. He also alleged he took photographs of the area and Corrie just before her death that also later did not match up.

The ISM released those photos on their own website maintaining they showed Corrie with a bullhorn confronting the bulldozer that killed her, then moments later after being struck. However, a careful examination of the photos showed that scenes were staged with different tractors and at different times. One photo with a superimposed tractor in the foreground and Corrie superimposed with another ISM activist in front of a “doctor’s house,” when enlarged, not only revealed the superimposition techniques, but that the ISM (or PLO photographers who doctored the photos) left off the feet of the two ISM activists.

Joseph Smith has always been the main “eyewitness” for the ISM describing Corrie’s death as deliberate murder and maintaining the bulldozer driver, an Israeli soldier nicknamed “Doobie, ” actually saw the Evergreen College coed before she was struck. Smith’s description of events may have changed, but American media never really caught on—until now. The Israeli army maintains cameras on tall poles in certain military zones and actually videotaped Rachel Corrie’s death. Stop the ISM obtained the actual footage up to the last few seconds before Rachel Corrie was killed that reveals she was seated in a trench and out of the bulldozer driver’s view. In addition, Smith claimed he and other ISM activists had yelled at the driver and given him advance warning of Corrie’s presence—none of which can be seen in an exclusive video that Stop the ISM will publicly release soon.

The fact that Joseph Smith is a liar for the ISM, an organization that relies on lying (“by any means necessary”) to advance its entire agenda of supporting PLO efforts to destroy Israel while claiming (again by lying) to be a “nonviolent peace organization,” is nothing new or exciting. But there’s more to the Joseph Smith saga.

Tom Hurndall was another ISM anarchist and activist from the UK who was also killed in Gaza . Hurndall, 22, had just left Iraq where he served as a human shield for Saddam Hussein before war broke out in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Hurndall also spent the last few minutes of his life with Joseph Smith before Hurndall was killed while interfering with an Israeli tank in a combat zone. The IDF found a Bedouin Scout guilty of discharging his weapon without authorization in an action that killed Hurndall, but the question remains if Smith put Hurndall up to being in a combat zone where he could be killed or injured in the first place. Smith was photographed with Hurndall just minutes before his death. Hurndall later helped erect a tent in the path of a tank in a hot military zone.


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