Saturday, February 18, 2006

The New Allinace of Solidarities

Statement of Change to Win Chair Anna Burger on Launch of National Hotel Workers Campaign
CTW Federation

"Today, thousands of hotel workers across the country are joining together to improve their working conditions, their lives and their communities.

"The hardworking women and men who clean and maintain our hotel rooms, serve our meals, and welcome us when we visit their cities, are uniting in an effort to win the things that most business travelers and tourists take for granted -- wages that allow them to support their families, safe working conditions, access to healthcare and a chance for a secure retirement.

"While hotel rates have risen and travelers' expectations of luxury and service have increased, most of the men and women who make these hotels work are struggling just to make ends meet for themselves and their families. In many cities, and at many of the world's biggest hotel chains, workers are being asked to work harder, faster and without the protections, benefits and wages earned by similar workers in other cities.

"Through this campaign, the first joint effort of the Change to Win labor federation, the almost six million members of our affiliated unions are sending a message to the hotel industry and the major U.S. hotel chains that these disparities must end.

"We are committed to supporting the aspirations of hotel workers and all others striving to build an America that works for everyone."


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