Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Center for Union Facts Rains on Raynor
UNITE HERE President's Words Come Back to Haunt Him in Full-Page Ad in LA Times
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Today, The Center for Union Facts continued its multimillion-dollar education campaign to expose union leaders for their countless abuses against their own members and criminal disregard for the law by placing hard-hitting, full-page advertisements in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times and the Washington Post Express.

The ad depicts North Korean president Kim Jong Il, Cuban president Fidel Castro, and UNITE HERE president Bruce Raynor beneath the headline "There's no reason to subject the workers to an election." The ad goes on to ask the question, "Who said it?"

The answer is Bruce Raynor, General President of UNITE HERE, the union representing nearly half a million workers in the hospitality, gaming, apparel, textile, retail, distribution and laundry industries in North America. He made that statement to the New York Times in May of 2003 and has subsequently led the effort to do away with traditional secret ballot elections -- which offer every employee a personal, confidential vote on whether they want to pay for union representation.

The Bureau of National Affairs recently reported that Raynor said his union organized 90% of its new members in 2005 through "alternative means" that bypass elections. The "alternative means" employed by union "leaders" largely refers to "card check" campaigns which deny the opportunity for a fair and secret vote and often involve harassment and intimidation of employees, as well as attacks on businesses.

The LA Times advertisement coincides with Raynor's nationwide UNITE HERE "Hotel Workers Rising" rally tour, which will stop in Los Angeles on Thursday. Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, actor Danny Glover, mayors and other elected officials will participate in the rally.

"In a democracy, all leaders should be accountable," said Richard Berman, founder of the Center. "How can union leaders be held accountable if they won't even hold elections? It is imperative that union members be made aware that their purported 'leaders' actively preclude employees' voices from being heard."

On Monday, full-page ads appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal with a picture of a padlocked gate and text reading, "The New Union Label: 'CLOSED.' Brought to you by the union 'leaders' who helped bankrupt steel, auto, and airline companies."

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The Center for Union Facts is a non-profit organization supported by foundations, businesses, union members, and the general public. We are dedicated to showing Americans the truth about today's union leadership.

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