Friday, February 10, 2006

This is hilarious

5 airport union organizers attacked
By Jane M. Von Bergen
Philadelphia Inquirer

Police are investigating the beating of five union organizers, and whether the attack was carried out by two dozen members of a union that wants to represent the same US Airways workers.

Two men were treated at Methodist Hospital after the attack Wednesday morning at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott hotel. Bottles and chairs were thrown during the attack against organizers from the Transport Workers Union, said Capt. Michael Sinclair of the Southwest Detective Division.

"There has not been violence on this scale in air labor affairs for close to 50 years," James Little, acting TWU president, said in a statement. "Wednesday's attack is a throwback to an era that should have been closed long ago."

Police were looking at hotel videotapes and trying to determine whether the attackers were from the International Association of Machinists, which represents US Airways baggage handlers in Philadelphia.

The unions are competing over which will represent all 6,600 baggage handlers at US Airways, which merged last year with America West Airlines.

"The IAM is investigating the reported incident and is determined to uncover all the facts," said Joseph Tiberi, spokesman for the machinists' union.



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