Sunday, June 17, 2007

Anarchists Throw Poop

Anarchists promise blood bath for Homowo

As if the nasty incident of smearing human excreta, an obnoxious practice referred to as shit bombing on a scared shrine house of the Ga state and a street leading to the shrine and the violence of last Wednesday are not enough, sections of the Ga youth are already promising a blood bath, come the Homowo festival.

The nasty incidence of shit bombing and violence characterized the lifting of the month long ban on drumming and noise making by the Ga Mantse, King Tackie Tawiah II, last Wednesday when several people were hurt and a strong police presence was required to see the ceremony through.

Barely a week after those nasty incidents, some individuals and youth groups in Ga Mashie are promising mayhem until issues surrounding the disputed enstoolment of the Ga King are resolved.

According to The Independent, its investigations have revealed that the youth promising chaos are those against the recent enstoolment and coronation of the current Ga king, Mantse Tackie Tawiah II.


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