Friday, January 06, 2006

AFSCME Sex Scandal! Exclusive P-CRAC Report


Editor's Note: AFSCME is one of the largest Unions in the U.S. Gerald McEntee is president of this Union. Jim Schmitz is the Director of Organizing and Field Services for this Union. This email was sent to President McEntee and blind copied to hundreds and hundreds of people across the country. No one could know for sure. P-CRAC has removed the last names of the husband and wife as we really only hate Jim Schmitz. Its people like Jim that give Pie-Cards a bad name. Hope you get fired motherfucker!

From: Christopher [XXXX]
Sent: Wed 1/4/2006 12:36 PM
To: Gerald W. McEntee

Subject: Roni [XXXX], and Jim Schmitz

Hello, I am the spouse of Roni [XXXXX], and we are currently in a contested divorce. As many of you know, her inappropriate relationships and sexual affair with the director of organizing, Jim Schmitz, as well as her extra travel days with Jim Schmitz in places like Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, New Orleans, and other cities (some of which I believe were not necessary for one of Mr.Schmitz level and position to attend ie: abuse of power), while leaving her family at home with a dying Grandmother has led to the demise of our marriage. Despite my repeated attempts to get Mr. Schmitz to stop pursuing my wife ("for the sake of my children and family" a direct quote) he continued to abuse his position and follow Roni to many cities throughout the Midwest.

That leads me to this request: If any one has any additional information that will help in the settlement of this dispute, and would like to clean up the field education staff and organizing staff from inappropriate travel expenses and family damaging values and behaviors while traveling on the road, please contact me via a reply to this email.

At a time when AFSCME is struggling financially and is claiming the moral high ground to Congress and the President on issues like government spending and the budget, this type of behavior from AFSCME's senior staff reflects very poorly on its rank and file members, and sends a very strong negative message to what this Union is about and represents. As evidenced in the 2004 election, unethical and immoral behavior that damages spouses and children in two families and leaves subordinates wondering what behaviors will be tolerated while on the road, can spell demise for the Democrats as well as AFSCME's organizing goals in the coming year. Help me send a message to the morally bankrupt leaders of AFSCME like Jim Schmitz and say "your behavior will not jeopardize this Union in 2006, clean up your act!" The focus of the field education department and organizing department should NOT be on personal lecherous affairs, but on winning a stronger position in the workplace and government for its brothers and sisters in solidarity; especially the most vulnerable such as child care workers!

Again thank you for those who have already come forward to help me take a stand against this type of behavior in our unions.

Christopher [XXXXX]

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