Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tell McDonalds farm workers aren't "lovin' it"

Tell McDonalds farm workers aren't "lovin' it"
-United Farm Workers

McDonalds restaurants purchase cheese and french fries from companies that buy milk and potatoes produced at Threemile Canyon Farms in rural eastern Oregon, the largest dairy in the world that also grows about 5,000 acres of potatoes.

In May, the United Farm Workers began appealing to McDonalds about grievances voiced by Threemile Canyon farm workers: sexual bias that included farm co-owner A.J. Bos vowing, "I don't want women at the farm--they are only good for the bed," according to sworn declarations from current farm employees; on-going threats, retaliation and firings of pro-union workers; and high levels of ammonia emissions. The UFW has organized the majority of the farm workers at Threemile Canyon, who have called on the company to recognize and bargain with their union.

The UFW asked McDonalds to use its influence to resolve problems confronting workers at Threemile and to convince the farm to settle its dispute with the UFW. After months of "investigation," McDonalds--which boasts about its code of conduct to ensure the restaurant's suppliers do the right thing by their employees--still has not taken any action. McDonald’s code states, "We hold our suppliers responsible for ensuring adherence to our standards in their facilities and in subcontractor facilities that produce products for us...We will not do business with suppliers who fail to uphold our standards, in action as well as words."

Please send your e-mail today. Tell McDonalds it's time for this mammoth international corporation to live up to its code of conduct and help ensure just and fair working conditions for all workers at Threemile Canyon Farms.


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