Monday, January 02, 2006

Furious Five dies in a whimper

The Furious Five Revolutionary Collective was formed with the idea of being a political group for anarchist-communist organizers working within popular, mass organizations in San Jose. Reaching outside the South Bay, we met with other like-minded comrades, who gave birth to a much bigger project.

Meeting other anarchist individuals who aside from their anarchist politics held on to popular organizing as their political work, we shared the idea of forming a space to meet and work with each other. In the process of sharing and learning from these anarchist individuals and organizations we noticed that F5, as a collective, could not exist inside another organization if people who knew us saw us as protagonists of that group.

The collective has disbanded to become part of a larger organization, presently being formed. We understood that if our reputation, be it positive or negative, got in the way of anything we were trying to do, it would be better to dissolve that identity so our work would go on to be noticed before our name or reputation.

We would like to think that we have helped challenge and have been challenged in developing new anarchist theory and practice, through conversations with people within and outside our political vision.

Whatever materials you access through this Web site will no longer be available online, but may be obtained upon request.

We carry a new world, here in our hearts.

Furious Five on the web

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FFRC sucks worse than NEFAC!!!